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Claremont High School student has died, counseling available for peers

Claremont High School principal Brett O’Connor notified CHS families today about the death of Victor Ojeda, who was a senior at the school.

“The CUSD Crisis Response Team has been on campus all day,” Mr. O’Connor said. “We will have extra counselors on campus for the next few days to support students and staff.”

Victor previously attended Sumner Elementary School and El Roble Intermediate School.

“It is very likely your student will talk to you about Victor’s death. Even if your student did not know Victor, your student might still have a strong reaction to this crisis,” the principal cautioned.

Mr. O’Connor encouraged parents and caregivers to pay close attention to their child’s mood and behavior over the next few days and weeks. He asks families to allow kids to express their feelings without judgment. Counseling is available through any student’s guidance counselor.

“I know our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. It is important the entire community pull together,” Mr. O’Connor shared. “In times like these, we are reminded that every single adult in our school community contributes to our students’ safety and well-being. Thank you for caring, loving, and doing all you do for the students in CUSD.”

No further information can be shared at this time.

—Kathryn Dunn