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Police find stolen goods in car during traffic stop

On March 30, at noon, an officer conducted a traffic stop on Foothill Boulevard at Mills Avenue for a Hyundai Sonata and contacted the driver and passenger. During the contact, the officer located a large amount of stolen property and burglary tools inside the vehicle.
Because of the amount of possible stolen property within the car, it was impounded for evidence and brought to Claremont Police Department so the officers could retrieve all the stolen property from the vehicle and process for additional evidence. 
During the investigation, officers were able to locate several victims of auto burglaries and a mail theft victim from Claremont, Pico Rivera, Hacienda Heights, and Upland. Victims were located from crimes occurring as early as March 16, with the mail theft victim residing on Peninsula Avenue. Investigating officers are still working on contacting identified victims at this time.
The driver, a 37 year-old from El Monte, and the passenger, a 31 year-old from Pomona, were arrested for possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools, and later released on a citation for the misdemeanor crimes. 
Theft from unlocked vehicles and auto burglaries from locked vehicles have increased during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order. Please help the police department during this time by removing valuable property from your vehicles and LOCKING the doors.


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