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Priceless Pet Rescue 2020 adoption totals

Priceless Pet Rescue 2020 Adoption Totals

"Saving One By One Until There Are None"

Priceless Pet Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill pet rescue operating out of multiple adoptioncenters known as “The Orphanage.” Animals are rescued from surrounding high-kill, high-access shelters, owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis and other various circumstances.


65 Rabbits

1,281 Cats

2,198 Dogs

45 other small animals

3,689 total adoptions 

See a current list of adoptable pets at: PricelessPetRescue.org/adopt



Meet Mateo and Klaus


Mateo is an eight-year-old Retriever, Yellow Labrador mix and comes from a very hard life on the streets of Mexico. Despite the visible scars of his past, no soul has ever been sweeter. He is quiet, gentle and definitely a stop and smell the roses kind of guy. 

He likes both people, other dogs, being close to his family and belly rubs. Mateo is a dream on leash, he knows how to ‘sit’ and ‘wait,’ is housebroken and will make a loyal and trusted companion.




Klaus is a sweet one-year-old domestic shorthair cat, first given to someone as a “gift" when he was a kitten, only to be surrendered six months later. Despite this sad transition, he is such a sweet boy.

He is quite vocal, especially when it's dinnertime, but he knows how to relax and ask for belly rubs. He loves to eat string, scrunchies and hair ties, but should really stick to hard plastic toys. Klaus isn’t fazed by busy environments and seems to get along with the other cats at the rescue. 



Wish List and message from Priceless Pet Rescue

“We are in desperate need of kitten food. We are running a fundraiser right now to collect 100 cases of kitten food, can you consider donating one or two cases? We would be forever grateful!”


Help Priceless Pet Rescue fulfill their wishlist from home! 

Priceless Pet Rescue Wishlist at Chewy.com



The Orphanage Claremont

College Center | northwest corner of Foothill and Claremont Blvd.

665 E Foothill Blvd St. E, Claremont




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