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Girls water polo gets crucial win over No. 1 Tartans; round up

Claremont eked out a do-or-die, 8-6, win over first place, and undefeated, Glendora on Tuesday at Charter Oak High School in Covina.

From the very beginning it was a close matchup, largely built on strong defense from both teams. However, Claremont scored first and stubbornly held on to a narrow lead for most of the game. The Pack was up 4-2 at halftime, and that lead was the margin of victory as both teams scored four goals in the second half.

Unofficial player of the game award goes to senior Maddie Waasdorp, for her four goals including two in the final quarter that kept a strong offensive play by Glendora in check.

With the win Claremont is now 5-2 in Palomares League and Glendora is 7-1. Also in contention for post season play is Alta Loma.

The girls have three more games, one against Colony and two against Bonita, and they will need to win both to advance to the CIF tournament.

Big wins move CHS girls soccer to first place

The Wolfpack catapulted to first place with a big win over Alta Loma on Thursday and another over Glendora on Tuesday.

Two weeks ago it seemed unlikely that Claremont would be in contention for a Palomares League title. Both Ayala and Alta Loma had better records and the Pack’s one loss was to the Braves. However, last week Ayala lost to both Claremont and Glendora, effectively taking the Bulldogs out of the competition. Alta Loma and Ayala tied in the first round giving Claremont a slight edge over the Braves. Finally, the Bulldogs will play the Braves next week, so one team is guaranteed to have an additional loss.

During the Alta Loma game Claremont goals came from sophomore Riley Zitar, junior Emily Maass and sophomore Maddie Coles as the Pack defeated the Braves, 3-0, in Alta Loma. At Glendora, Claremont scored in the first and second half for a 2-1 win. No individual stats are available.

Claremont, 7-1 in Palomares League, but still has two more games. They include a Thursday match against Colony and Tuesday against Bonita in La Verne. So let’s go out and support the Pack!

CHS boys soccer moves to second place

After a rough start to league play, Claremont keeps moving up in the rankings and is now firmly in second place, after a key 3-0 win over Glendora on Tuesday at CHS.

Claremont, 6-2, is now just one game behind first place Ayala with two games left. If the Bulldogs stumble and Claremont wins both of the remaining games, the Pack will get a league title.

Webb girls soccer are Academy League champions

The Vivian Webb girls soccer team clinched back-to-back Academy League championships, with a 6-0 win over Connelly Tuesday afternoon.

Freshman Abbey Cook scored five goals on Tuesday, bringing her season total to 54 goals, breaking the Webb single season scoring mark of 51 goals, set last year by Emily Stepanian.

The team has a 13-1 record in league play and will conclude the season with some challenging non-league games before heading into the CIF tournament.


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