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Get an eyefull at the Claremont Art Walk 05.05.18

The Claremont Village Art Walk is Saturday, May 5 from 6 to 9 p.m.



“The Buddha is in Everything,” watercolors depicting a timeline of Buddhist history by artist Nancy Cowardin. Meet the artist and enjoy a one-night only pop-up show with refreshments. Recent works include 60 watercolors depicting a timeline of Buddhist history and Faxian’s historic journey to India (399 C.E.), along with the Parade of the Buddhas triptych and Silk Road Scroll displayed at Hsi Lai Temple’s annual Buddha’s Birthday celebrations.


STUDIO C, 260 W. Bonita Ave.

“Of Land and Sea” Art show with artists Cindy Rinne and Elizabeth Carr.



“Saints” by Celia Sanchez, photographer and artist whose work has been featured in Huffington Post and Italian Vogue.


CLAREMONT MUSEUM OF ART, 200 W. First St., Claremont Depot.

Roland Reiss: “Unapologetic Flowers and Small Stories” will focus on the work of Los Angeles artist Roland Reiss who devoted much of his teaching career to the Claremont community. Selections from two of Reiss’s best-known bodies of work: the “miniatures,” sculptural tableaux suggesting human dramas in familiar settings (1970s-90s), and recent floral paintings.


KUT HAUS SALON, 123 Yale Ave.

A group show featuring artists Bonny Jackson, Dominic Savaglio Prime Art Co. and Brizus with live art from Deborah Diaz.


FIRST STREET GALLERY, 250 W. First St., Suite 120.

“Undone” featuring Teresa Curiel-Gonzalez, Patrick Dwyre, Victor Frias, Jonathan Jackson, Eric Lue, John Lund, Amy Maloof, Dru McKenzie, Mathew Moore, Marie Grace Pedrigal, Janet Searcy, Zack Stewart and Cathy Ward. All structures can be reduced to lines—lines of sight, lines of demarcation, and lines of authority. These fibers establish strength in their formation but reveal vulnerabilities when given a good firm tug. So, who will hold the thread?


CLAREMONT FORUM, 586 W. First St., Packing House.

“The Weird, Wonderful World of Wade” by Wade Stanley. Just as the rose and the weed are an image of God, everything that Wade creates is an image of himself, often an image that he’s never seen, doesn’t want to see or could ever imagine having seen. 


TAPESTRY GALLERY, 532 W. First St. #204, Packing House.

“Biophilia” by Rebecca Ustrell. The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. 


POP-UP GALLERY, 532 W. First St., Packing House.

Arists display and sell fine art in the Packing House atrium. Sylvia Bosco, vocalist, guitarist; Sense about Scents, soaps; Daniel Nevills, bronze sculpture; D. Blackman Art, abstract; Charlotte O’Donnell and Maria Blanche, handmade artwork; Urks Design, digital art, acrylics; Respun Retro, jewelry, accessories; Earth-Ore Jewelry; Little Autumn’s Crochet; Monica Adrian Art, paintings; Que Sara Designs, artisan jewelry; 4 Spoiled Brats Bow, fabric bows; Green Blooms Garden, succulents; Robert W. Zailo, prints, fine art; Crafty Mantis, crochet


SQUARE i GALLERY, 110 N. Harvard Ave.

“Embellished Spaces” by Jessica McCoy. From the artist, “My paintings have always been about private space, one’s home. These works have depicted personal objects—a documentation of things held, kept and collected, landmarks in a life lived. Motherhood, modern feminist motherhood, disrupts everything we know about gender and power.”


RIO DE OJAS, 250 N. Harvard Ave.

Shae Ralph, a self-taught local artist, offers painted papier-mâché, upcycled multimedia self-expressions. His work has been exhibited at the Ontario Museum of History and Art, as well as other galleries. Meet him from 5 to 8 p.m.