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Wine and cheese and chocolate, oh my!

Vom Fass—the funky new vinegar, oil and spirits boutique—is taking Claremont by storm. With their try-anything approach the international retailer is drawing in people from far and wide eager to come in for a taste.

 On Thursday night Vom Fass partnered up with the Cheese Cave, Regal Wine Co. and The Chocolate Angel for an intimate night of tastings including six different cheese, wine and chocolate pairings.

As we entered Vom Fass’ First Street location owners Kim Peeples and Denise Solis immediately greeted us and explained how the night would unfold. With a list of pairings, guests first stopped to get their wine then went on to pick up the coordinating chocolate and cheese.

First on the list was a light and refreshing Zonin Prosecco that paired wonderfully with decadent chocolate hearts and a creamy luscious Kunik cheese. The prosecco, known for its sweetness, was cut perfectly by the salty Kunick goat cheese provided by the Cheese Cave.

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