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Get your music fill at Friday Nights Live this summer in the Village

Friday Nights Live, every Friday night from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Claremont Chamber of Commerce (CC), Public Plaza (PP) and City Hall (CH) in the Claremont Village.The full schedule of performances is below:

May 17

Seth Greenburg Combo CC

Give Up The Junk PP

Drift Iron (blues/rock) CH

May 24

Carl Schaffer Quartet CC

Squeekin' Wheels PP

Marc Weller Trio (jazz) CH

May 31

Steve Rushingwind Band CC

Claremont Voodoo Society PP

The Plus Tones (rock standards) CH

June 7

Kenneth Johnson CC

Ray Woods Combo (jazz/blues) PP

Jackson Family Band (folk/rock) CH

June 14

Tannin’s (jazz ) CC

Sugar Mountain Mama Serenade (folk/bluegrass) PP

Technopagan (electro/original) CH

June 21

Baba Elefante Trio (jazz) CC

Dynamite Dawson (soft rock) PP

Nobody’s Station (rock) CH

June 28

Woodrock (rock) CC

Sligo Rags (Irish) PP

Steve Rushingwind (flutes) CH

July 5

Drowsy Maggie (Celtic duo) CC

The Dogs (classic rock) PP

Jim Partlow Trio (jazz/blues) CH

July 12

Lee Powers (standards) CC

Claremont Voodoo Society (blues/roots) PP

The Vinyl Number (rock) CH

July 19

Carl Schaffer Quartet (standards) CC

Seth Greenberg Combo (jazz) PP

Steve Rushingwind (Native American flute) CH

July 26

No Static (rock) CC

Squeekin’ Wheels (folk/bluegrass) PP

Patrick Carrico Band (jazz/rock) CH