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Claremont’s On the Same Page selects ‘The Library Book’

A book about the disastrous fire at the Los Angeles Public Library in 1986, and so much more, was chosen by the On the Same Page committee as the 2019-20 community read for Claremont.

The Library Book by Susan Orlean provides a book-lover’s observations about libraries, what they do, how we readers feel about them. We are expertly lead through a singularly powerful, sometimes eccentric, even whimsical history of the men and women who created (and continue to expand) the Los Angeles Public Library, first established in 1872.

Ms. Orlean also takes readers, with vivid, specific detail, to the day the library was set on fire. She elaborates on the overwhelming local and national response and the mystery behind the origins of the inferno.

There is a reason this book has been on the LA Times Bestsellers book list for 50 weeks and counting. FOCL?hope to get the community talking about the value of libraries and reminiscing about the libraries of their own past.

The Friends have provided the Claremont Library with 20 copies of the book for check-out.

Books are also available for purchase in the library, and activities are being planned to highlight The Library Book  and a range of topics it conjures.

For future activities, keep an eye on their website, claremontlibrary.org, and Facebook page for updates. To contact them directly, email friendsofclaremontlibrary@gmail.com.


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