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Val Kilmer

A hundred years after his death, Mark Twain is alive and well and taking up residence in the Inland Empire.

With the aid of two makeup artists and a fake mustache, renowned actor Val Kilmer resurrects the great American storyteller in his one-man show, Citizen Twain, set to hit the Chaffey High School stage November 8, 9 and 10.

Like the man he portrays in his latest production—which took him three years to write—Mr. Kilmer has worn many hats in his illustrious career. None have been more intriguing to him than that of the satirical author he currently brings to life.

“You think of Mark Twain as only a writer. That’s what gets all the attention in the five minutes he gets in grade school,” Mr. Kilmer said. “But for me, he really exemplifies the best kind of American. He makes fun of it, but he has a morality that’s really deep too.”

Becoming Twain was a natural move for Mr. Kilmer, who has long been fascinated by the American author and humorist.


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