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Professor, animal lover

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District mulls over potential school bond measure

A group of community members convened at the Claremont High School theater Wednesday night to discuss what a school bond measure might look like, should the district decide to place one on the ballot in the upcoming November election. The district has created a list of projects that a bond might fund or, more accurately, two lists. A longer list includes $111 million worth of facilities projects.

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Cutting down tree is serious business for city council

The Claremont City Council voted to keep a tree in place, approved community-based funding for the next year and honored a multitude of Claremonters during Tuesday’s meeting. The city-owned European Hackberry tree, located in front of the home of Chip and Linda Chavez on Georgia Court, has been there since 1992

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Are we heading for another real estate bubble burst?

The real estate market has been on fire since completely bottoming out between 2011 and 2012. Investors started the trend by realizing that prices were low, and they pounced. Investors with deep pockets were grabbing up as much real estate as possible at a steep discount. At the time, cash was king.

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