• Lewis Park, good times for your family

    Lewis Park, good times for your family

    Our next installment in our Claremont park series takes us to Lewis Park, right next door to the Hughes Community Center. Named after Ralph and Goldy Lewis who made a name for themselves building affordable homes all over Claremont. The 5.2 acre park has several soccer fields and is a popular place for birthday parties. COURIER video/Matt Weinberger


Summer's not over, so it's time to play! Calendar August 23 to 31

WORKING FOR THE COMMON GOOD: Claremont Presbyterian Church, at 1111 N. Mountain Ave., Claremont, hosts a Jazz Vespers event Sunday at 6 p.m. The theme is Working for the Common Good. “’Work’ and ‘labor’ are not our favorite words,” read a press release. “And yet, when we say, ‘labor of love’ or ‘working for the common good,’ our perspective changes. All our work is rooted in some higher goal: family, community, social justice, environment, beauty, peace.

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Pro, con arguments submitted for sales tax measure

The upcoming sales tax measure officially got its name this week, Measure CR, which will ask Claremont voters to approve a .75 percent sales tax increase. Measure CR will go before voters November 5, and if passed, will increase the sales tax rate in the city from 9.5 percent to the state cap of 10.25 percent. The city says it is needed to maintain current services and inject up to $2.5 million a year into the general fund to stave off future budget deficits.

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Campsite Brewing opts for Covina after delay at Peppertree

Peppertree Square will continue with a vacant building for longer than planned as one of the potential tenants, Campsite Brewing Company, will go to Covina. In June of 2018, the news of two new major businesses in Peppertree Square excited Claremont residents with the potential of a brew pub and a gym moving into two empty spaces in the plaza.

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Claremont police arrest school owner for child endangerment

At about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Claremont officers responded to MagiKid Robotics, located at 578 E. Base Line Rd., regarding a possible child abuse investigation. Upon arrival, officers contacted the person who reported the incident, who said she had arrived at the business to pick up a seven-year-old child and saw the child was in the front lobby unattended.

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Trader Joe’s makes it easier to shop with the tots

Parents and caretakers of young children may have been alarmed recently when they noticed the old reliable kid-occupying coloring station at Claremont’s Trader Joe’s was gone. Fear not, busy folks: the store hasn’t abandoned you in your efforts to get a little shopping done with the wee ones in tow. Trader Joe’s simply swapped out the old art station and display wall with the city’s newest Little Free Library.

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Amendment impacting special use taxes falls short

A state constitutional amendment that Claremont had been watching has failed in the state assembly. ACA-1, short for assembly constitutional amendment, aimed to lower the voting threshold for special use parcel taxes from two-thirds to 55 percent. On August 19, the amendment received 44 ayes and 20 noes—falling short of the supermajority needed to pass.

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Little League All Stars runner up in state tournament

It started in June as a tournament of 400 teams, but as of this week that had been whittled down to just two. The Claremont Little League 10-year-old All Stars took on Thousand Oaks in the Southern California State Championship final on Tuesday at Stearns Champions Park in Long Beach. Unfortunately, the boys will have to settle for runner-up status after falling to Thousand Oaks 10-6.

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