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Woman arrested for DUI, child endangerment

MY SIDE of the LINE by Peter Weinberger

We love mountain snow, if we only knew how to enjoy it


Shirley Maxwell

TRAVEL TALES by Jan Wheatcroft

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More rain and snow on the waywidth=

More rain and snow on the way

Rain showers will be isolated through Thursday, but Claremont will feel a real cold snap with high temperatures barely reaching 50 degrees. If it snows, snow levels could reach down to 2500 feet Wednesday night into Thursday. But the air has been clear enough to see downtown LA from Base Line Road (in photo). The good news is warmer (normal) weather is on the way for the weekend, with sunny skies and warmer temperatures in the 60s. The long term forecast does include rain late next week. So winter is not over yet! COURIER photo/Peter Weinberger

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