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ALMANAC: Beauty above the trees

With the 2018-19 Almanac ready to hit the streets on Friday, here are some of our best aerial video highlights from the past year. Most of these images also appear in a photo essay inside this year's special edition. The overall Almanac theme focuses on Claremont volunteers, which were in no short supply. We have already posted our PDF edition of the Almanac, so feel free to get an advanced look at the COURIER's most popular section of the year!

Entire Story
  • COURIER week in photos: 8-10-18

    COURIER week in photos: 8-10-18

  • Sam Mowbray

    Sam Mowbray

  • COURIER week in photos: 7-20-18

    COURIER week in photos: 7-20-18

  • Fourth of July

    Fourth of July

  • Immigration protest

    Immigration protest

  • CHS graduation

    CHS graduation

  • Terri Kegans

    Terri Kegans

  • Jack Harper retires

    Jack Harper retires

  • Claremont Colleges graduation week

    Claremont Colleges graduation week

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