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Officer injured in scuffle


Profiteers in healthcare

LEX IN THE CITY by Melissa Martinez

A heavy heart

MY SIDE OF THE LINE by Peter Weinberger

A tale of two presidents

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Claremont bear sightings increase

Claremont bear sightings increase

Padua Hills resident Paul Faulstich photographed California black bears in the wilderness adjacent to his home. Residents of the foothills have reported an increase in bear activity recently. Check out our full story on why Claremont gets so many bear visits.

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  • CHS film festival

    CHS film festival

  • Field Station fire

    Field Station fire

  • Claremont Colleges graduation

    Claremont Colleges graduation

  • COURIER week in pictures 5-12-17

    COURIER week in pictures 5-12-17

  • COURIER week in pictures

    COURIER week in pictures

  • Boys tennis finals

    Boys tennis finals

  • COURIER week in pictures 4-28-17

    COURIER week in pictures 4-28-17

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